Rant: Characters and how isekai doesn’t have them.

I completely agree with everything this guy said.
I still read a lot of isekai stories, though in retrospect I guess you could call what I’m doing as me simply going through a lot of shit to find the few potential gems. Sadly, as he said, a lot of there potential gems with interesting concepts end up going nowhere.


Concerning my original story: I did the prologue but then I realized just how much background shit I have to think of. Since I don’t trust myself to just let it run wild cuz it’s gonna be riddled with contradiction, plot holes and a wonky setting. It’s probably still gonna have all that but hopefully a little less than otherwise.

Also, a PSA: Translators/scanlators who split one chapter into multiple parts should be hanged.

Onto the rant now…

Fairy Tail isn’t that much better than your average isekai. So why is it so popular? Two reasons I can think of:

  1. Interesting character design
  2. Some semblance of characterization.

Both of which your average isekai lacks. The characters in an isekai are practically nonexistent, to the point they can be replaced with macguffins (in fact, when it’s reincarnated into [object], or have a talking weapon they literally do just that) .


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